The true aim of education is the harmonious development of body, mind and soul. But mere bookish knowledge is not enough. Without co-curricular activities the full blooming of body, mind and soul is quite impossible. Co-curricular activities include debate, publication of magazine, cultural activities such as singing, dancing. The fact is that co-curricular activities are part and parcel for the full flourishment of the talents of the students. Co-curricular activities bring out the best and the latent talents of the students. They provide ample opportunity to develop their faculty. Again games and sports are part and parcel of study because without a sound health a student cannot concentrate on his study. We all know the fact that health is wealth. Games and sports pave the way of building sound health. Moreover, co-curricular activities help the students to foster good will. They teach students to be polite, modest, gentle, loyal, diligent and perseverant .they also tightens the bondage of friendship and brotherhood among the students.