My college is a renowned one in the country. It is extended over one hundred acres of land. It has a nice campus. It stands on the river Bhairab. The college consists of many buildings. There are separate buildings for arts, science and commerce faculties. The arts and commerce building are on the south side of the college. The science building is near the administrative building. The shaheed minar is in front of the administrative building .there are seven hostels in the college campus. All the hostels are situated on the eastern side of the campus. There are four ponds. There are different faculties. There are green trees all around the shaheed minar. There are many quarters for the teachers and office stuff on the eastern side of the campus. There are a big mosque and a big temple on the campus. The mosque is on the western side of the campus. In front of the mosque there is a big pond. It is near the arts building. There is a big gymnasium. A big auditorium, a canteen, a building for B.N.C.C and Rover scouts send a bank on the campus. In fine my college campus offers a very nice and attractive view.