Since the dawn of civilization the good thinking and all that is good are cultures. It is complete picture of life. It represents what we do in our daily life. Language, music, ideas about what is bad and good, ways of working and playing, and the tools and other objects made and used by people in the society- all these are part of a society’s culture. I think to study a person’s repeated actions is a good way to find out about the culture of that group. I think Asian culture is different from western culture. In western culture we see that people wear pant, shirt, suit, blazer etc. most of the people in the western countries work in offices, firms etc. in western countries people eat different kinds of food items such as roast beef, mint sauce, cereal, toast and tea or coffee, eggs, sausages, bacon, tomato and mushrooms accompanied by toast with butter, jam and marmalade etc. the western people are fond of band music. They maintain formality in discussion and in public transports. They are very much punctual and reserved Each and every country. So cultures vary from society to society or country or country to country.