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Paragraph: The Life of a Day Labourer


The Life of a Day Laborer

PARAGRAPH: The Life of a Day Laborer

A day laborer is a person who leads his life by the sweat of his brow in various fields. He is healthy, string and stout. He lives together with his family in a slum and lives a subhuman life. He is usually employed in agricultural and construction work. He works form morning to evening according to the direction of his employer. He gets up early in every morning and goes out in search of Livelihood. In the evening he gets his wages. Then he goes shopping-center, buys his daily necessaries and returns to his house. He has both pleasures and pains. If he earns more, he gets pleasures. When he fails to do that, he gets pains. Sometimes he and his family go without food. The life of daily workman is full of sorrows and sufferings. In good or dab weathers he has to work hard. He does not know what resist is. Though the service of a day laborer is great important, he does not get his due respect. So we must always have soft feeling for him so he can lead an honest life with dignity.