On that I was returning home from school. I had few friends with me. Suddenly I found black clouds to the north-west side of the sky. I thought it will rain soon. So I started to walk fast. After a few time it began to rain cats and dogs. I took shelter in a wayside house. I got drenched thoroughly. I pulled of my shoes and shirt and waited in the hope that the rains would soon cease. But there was no sign of abating it. Besides I had no umbrella with me. Finding no other alternative I started for home again. I put my books in a polybag. I found the path too much muddy and slippery. However I reached home two hours late. I was wet from head to foot and was shivering with cold. My parents and other family members were astonished to see my condition. They took necessary steps to make fresh instantly. Really it is a bitter experience in my life.