A school magazine is a publication of a school which contains the writings of the teachers and student. It is usually published every year. It aims developing the literary and cultural skills. Of the students. It contains poems, articles, short – stories and short dramas written by the young learners. To publish a school magazine, a magazine committee is formed. The headmaster remains the chief of the committee. An editor is selected from among the students. A teacher helps as an adviser Some student is also included in the committee. The committee has to work hard for publishing a magazine. The editor invites writings from the teachers and the students among all the writings the best ones are selected for printing in the in the magazine. A school magazine has great importance. It brings out the latent talent of the young students. It also helps to develop the power of their feelings and thought. It is the first step for the young learners to be great writers in future life. The students who find their writings in the magazine become much delighted. Other students also get benefits from the magazine. Finally a school magazine provides scope for the student to reveal their creative faculties.