On last Friday I went to the nation zoo at Mirpur. I went there by bus. Friend Mijan was with me. At first I went to see crocodiles kept in a small pond. It was then swimming in water. I also saw a gorilla. The beck of the gorilla is too long. I then went or see the deer. The eyes of the deer attracted me. I then went the cages of tigers. They were very ferocious. Beside the cages of the tiger there were the cages of lions. The mane of the lion looked beautiful. Then I went to the cage of bear. I got little frightened to see it. I got much pleasure to see the monkeys. They were chattering and jumping from one bar to another. My attention was next drawn to the cages of snakes. The snakes seemed to be asleep. I also saw donkey, Ziraf, zebra, elephant, different kinds of birds, panda, jungle man etc. I spent there for more than two hours. The environment was calm and quiet. I enjoyed the day much.