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Write a letter to your friend asking him to return books

18 November 2015 
Apnan Karim 
Dhaka –1206 

My dear friend Sharin, 

I have not heard from you for a long time. Hope you are keeping well. You know that our Annual/SSC examination is near at hand. I am busy with my studies. I can guess that you are also busy with your studies. I am sorry to tell you that I am at present badly in need of the book, which you borrowed from me last month. How ever today I like to remind you that a few days ago you borrowed my English grammar. But it is now over a month. Perhaps, you have forgotten it. Now I need this book for preparation. So, I shall be highly thankful if you please return it as early as possible. If you need it again, I will give it to you after examination. I hope you will not misunderstand me for this. 
No more today. 

Your ever, 
Apnan Karim.