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ESSAY: The Golden Fiber of Bangladesh


The Golden Fiber of Bangladesh

Jute is a kind of fibre. It is obtained from the bark of jute plants. It grows up straight to the height varying from right to ten cubits. The barks and leaves of jute are light and green in colour. The plant has no branches and thin leaves grow on its stem. The stemmas covered with a thick bark. The best quality of jute is like silk.

Where grown: Bangladesh is the store house of jute. It grows almost in all the districts of Bangladesh. It grows very well in Mymensingh. One third if the jute production only grows in Mymensingh. It also grows in Rajshahi, Bogra, Rangpur, Pabna, Comilla, Dhaka, Faridpur, Tangail, and other places of Bangladesh. Bangladesh holds the monopoly in the world jute trade.
Its cultivation: Jute grows in low land. Jute also grows in India, Burma, Japan, etc. the jute cultivation requires hard labour, long time and much patience and care. At first the land is ploughed very well. It is levelled again and again and then it becomes powdery. Then it is manured in the months of Falgun and Chaitra. The jute plants grow within a week. Then the weeds are removed and the soil is made loose with hoes. Sometimes, jute plants are pulled out for thickness. After four to five months plants grow into their full size. Then they are cut down and tied up into bundles.

These are then kept under water for some days and they are rotten. Then the barks are separated, washed and dried in the sun. The fibre is then ready for sale in the market.

Usefulness: Jute is very useful thing. It makes the best and cheapest packing materials which is called gunny bag. Besides this mats, ropes coarse cloths, shawls, tarpaulins are made of it. Its stalks are used as fuel and in making fencing. The green leaves are eaten as vegetables.

Narayangonj is the chief of jute Business in Bangladesh. It is called the Dundy of Bangladesh.

Conclusion: Jute is the main cash crop of our country. Our economy depends solely on it. Government should install more jute mills in our country.