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ESSAY: Our National Flag


Our National Flag

A national flag is the symbol of independence to any nation. All the independent country possesses a separate national flag. We are an independent nation too. The name of our country is Bangladesh and we are Bangladesh By nation. We achieved our independence after a bloody war in 1971. Since then we have owned a national flag which is very sacred to us.

Description of the flag: Our national flag is very beautiful to look at. It is rectangular in size. It may be different sizes small or big. But it must be 5:3 in pro-portion. There is a round red portion in the middle. The remaining portion is deep green in colour. When the flag is hoisted high, it looks very nice and it appears that a red sun on a small field full of green crops.

Significance of the flag: Our national flag is not a flag only. The dignity and significance of our national flag has to be preserved at the code of our lives. When we look at our national flag our eyes are filled with immense hoy and contentment.

Meaning conveyed by the flag: our national flag conveys a deep meaning. The green portion denotes freshness and liveliness. The rising sun indicates our promising life and prosperity in future. Ours is a new state, we are equal to any nation and country of the world.
Our duties: We have a newly born state. It is our pride that we have possessed a new born state and a new national flag. The new national flag that we have possessed has established us in the world as a national that is equal in state with all. So we should consider it a precious wealth. We ought to preserve its prestige. We should respect to our national flag.

Conclusion: National flag is dearer, holier and more valuable than all other earthly possessions to every independent nation. It is our sacred duty to respect our national flag. We should remain ever ready to die for its defence if necessary.