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ESSAY: The Radio


The Radio

The radio is the wonderful gift of science. An Italian scientist named Marconi invented the wireless instrument. Many other scientists’ improved the system before it could be used as the modern radio.

What it is: There is something in the air called ether which carries sound to our ears. But the waves of this ether become fainter and fainter as they travel farther. So it cannot carry the sound to a distant place. Radio is the instrument by which we can hear the sound from any part of the world.

How it works: There are powerful radio stations in all bag cities in the world. In Bangladesh Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet and Rangpur have radio transmitting sets. As soon as a sound is made the microphone catches it, and the transmitter broadcasts it in the air. The waves of ether carry it to distant places where, people, having the radio sets, can catch the sound.
A medium of entertainment and instruction: The radio is a very useful instrument. It brings us the best entertainments of the world. It entertains us with songs, talks, plays, etc. the radio instructs us as well. It is a valuable medium of instruction. Over the radio we can listen to speeches of political leaders, great scientists and eminent professors. Even the ignorant masses can be educated by the radio. Businessmen get current prices, sportsmen get mews about sports and farmers get weather reports on the radio, special programmes are also arranged for school children.

Its popularity: Now a day the radio has become very popular. Even rural areas are not without radio sets. In towns even the small shopkeepers have radio sets.

Conclusion: The radio may be said to give brought the entire world within out room.