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Rice is the staple food of the Bangladesh. Most of the people of the world live on rice.

Description: Rice is obtained from paddy. It is a kind of corn. It grows in abundance in hot and moist climate. It is largely found in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Burma, China and Japan.

Kinds: Rice is of different kinds. They are the Aush, Aman and Boro. The Anon is the best of all paddies grown here. Irri is now available in Bangladesh.

How to cultivate: The rice field is first ploughed and then harrowed. Seeds of paddy are then grown in it. The field is weeded several times. This is the process of cultivation of Aush paddy only. The cultivation of Aman paddy requires a process of transplantation. When the rains set in, the cultivator ploughs and harrows his seed plot. He sows paddy there. He keeps the plot moist. After a few days, he gathers the tender seedlings with their roots. He plants them with his hands in his field at a distance. Paddy ripens after four or five months and looks golden and fine.
How obtained: Paddy is reaped when it is ripen. It is tied up in sheaves and brought to born. The sheaves are then beaten against a long frame made of split of bamboo. The grains are thus separated from the stalks. Paddy is them boiled and sunned and husked. We get rice from it.

Uses: rice is our staple food in Bangladesh. Many other kinds of food are made from it. Straw is used as food of the cattle and for other purposes.

Conclusion: About 50% of the people of the world live on rice, so we should take proper steps to grow more rice.