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ESSAY: A Village Market


A Village Market

A village market is a place where the villagers met to buy and sell things. It is a buying and selling centre for the villagers. Generally it sits every morning and evening. Besides, big markets sit once or twice a week.

Place/where held: A village market is generally held at the junction to roads or by the side of a river or a canal. Large banyan trees are let grown to give shade and shelter.

Kinds of village market: There are two kinds of village market. They are daily market and weekly market. Daily market is called bazar. It sits daily in the evening and morning. Weekly market is called hat. It sits once or twice a week in the evening.
Description/Arrangement of shops: A village market has three parts like open space. Temporary and permanent shed. In the open space the sellers sit in rows. Fish, milk, fruits, betel leaves vegetables, etc. is sold there. In the temporary sheds oil, rice, salt, pepper etc. are sold. Some grocers, tailors, doctors, potters sit in the permanent shed.

Usefulness/Utility/Advantage: The village market is very useful to the villagers. Here they get all things of daily use. It saves the villagers from going to distant places to buy things. It is the meeting place of the villagers. The villagers find a social and friendly life here.

Conclusion: The village market does great service to the rural people. It is the backbone of the rural economy.