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ESSAY: Your Neighbours


Your Neighbours

The word neighbour means a person living in a house or a street near another. So those who live near one another are neighbours, though they are not living in the neighbourhood.

Importance of neighbours: Man is a social being. He does not live in a forest like an animal unless he is a savage or a saint. Of course there was a time when men live in the forests like animals. Then none could think for others. Self-preservation was his only thought at that time. Gradually men realized the advantage of living together. It was necessary for their existence. Otherwise they were unable to protect themselves from the attacks of wild animals. So they formed society and learnt to live together as neighbours. Our neighbours are our companions in prosperity and adversity. We get more help from them than our close relations. So we gave our duties and responsibilities to our neighbours because they are our constant companions.
Duty towards neighbours: It is our duty to treat our neighbours well. We should share in their joys and sorrows. We should stand by them and give them courage and protection in danger. We should attend upon them when they ate sick. We should help our poor neighbours with money and lessen their distress. We should feed them when they are in need of. If any of our neighbours happens to be wicked, we should do our best tom rectify him. We should not hate our neighbours in any way.

Conclusion: Thus we find that a good neighbour is a great boon to a man. So all of us should try to be good neighbours and help one another in all possible ways.