The mango tree is a common tree which bears mangoes in a particular season in Bangladesh. It is found in almost every home. A mango tree has many branches, big and small and every branch is full of green leaves. The leaves do not fall off in winter. The mango is a favourite fruit of our country. There are different kinds of mangoes – some are very sweet and some are sour. Quality mango trees are grown abundantly in the northern and the western part of our country. The mango trees are in blossoms in January and February. These blossoms turn into little green mangoes by March or April. Mangoes ripen in May and June. The branches and leaves of the mango tree used as fuel. The trunk of the tree is sawed by the wood cutters to make planks (flat and long pieces of wood).these planks are used by the carpenters for making furniture, boat and houses. Usually, the old mango trees which do not bear sufficient fruits are sold and cut down, a mango tree is very useful to us many ways.