Paragraph: My Country - সেরা-সংগ্রহ.কম

Monday, August 29, 2016

Paragraph: My Country

My Country


There is on country like our Bangladesh in the world. It is in south-east Asia. It is a nice country and its area is about 1, 47,570 square kilometres. About fourteen crore people live in our country. We struggled for nine months to make our country free from the deplorable occupation of Pakistani rulers. At last our country became independent in 1971 from the invader. Bangladesh is an agricultural country kinds of crops grow here. We grow rice, jute, tea, wheat, sugar-cane in our country. Jute and tea are our cash crops. We earn foreign exchanges by exporting them. Muslims, Hindus and Christians all the people of different communities live here together in peace. Most of them are religious. The people of our country are famous for hospitality. I love my country and I am proud of her. 

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