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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ESSAY: Domestic Animals of Bangladesh


Domestic Animals of Bangladesh

Animals that people tame in their house are called domestic animals. Of them the cow, the buffalo, the goat, the sheep, the horse, the dog and the cat are important. All of them are more or less useful.

Classes: Some of the domestic animals are of great use to us. They are the cow, the buffalo, the goat and the sheep. They are wealth to the owner. People take fancy for the horse, the dog and the cat. So they tame them, now we shall discuss some of them.

Cow: Of all the domestic animals the cow is the mode useful to us. It gives us milk. Many things of food are made of milk. Its dung is good manure. Bags, shoes and other useful things are made of its hide. We get buttons and combs from its bones and horns. The bull draws cart and ploughs the fields.

Buffalo: The buffalo is a four footed domestic animal. It is found everywhere in Bangladesh. It is gentle by nature but looks ugly. It lives on grass and draws the carts and ploughs.

Horse: The horse is a four-footed domestic animal. Its body is covered with soft glossy hair. There are many kinds of horses. They are of different colours and sizes. The horse can run fast. It is intelligent and faithful to his master. It lives on grass, hay, straw and gram. It draws the ploughs and carries heavy loads. Its hide, hoofs mane is useful to us.
Goat: The goat is mild gentle. It is found all over the Bangladesh. It gives us flesh and milk. It gives us two or three calf at a time. The goat is very useful to us.

Dog: The dog is a good servant of man. It watches over its master’s house at night. The dog lives on flesh, rice and bread. Mad dogs are very dangerous; a good dog is a good companion.

Cat: The cat is gentle by nature. It kills tats and saves us from their harms.

Sheep: The sheep is like goats. It is also very useful to us. It gives us calm hide. Many useful things are made of its hide.

Conclusion: Thus domestic animals are more or less useful to us. We should be kind to them.

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