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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ESSAY: A Journey by Boat


A Journey by Boat

Bangladesh is a land of rivers a journey by boat is very interesting and enjoyable in our country. During the last autumn holidays we had a pleasure journey. Occasion: I had an opportunity to enjoy a journey by boat. A few months ago one of my friends invited me to attend the marriage ceremony of his only sister. I started for Joypura, the village of my friend by boat.

Description: It was on Thursday, the 15th October, 2000. I and two of my friend hired a fine boat. We got up early in the morning. We went to the side of the river There was a boat ready to carry us across the river. There were two boatmen. We got on the boat at about 7-30 a.m. The sky was clear. The boat pushed down from the river bank. It began to sail down the river. We saw boat of many kinds. Some had sails. They were being carried along by the wind. Some were caring jut. Some were taking a lot of bananas. Fishermen were casting there nets here and there. The stakes were seen about their nets. Their small boats tossed up and sown. Water hyacinths were floating down the current. Far off on the bank there were very big Godowns and beautiful bungalows. Children were running to and fro. But the poor naked children with their thumbs in their mouth did not escape our eyes when we passed through a village. There were several houses blown down by a storm. The sun was bright. We started singing. Our boat was nearing the shore. After sometime we stopped singing. As we reached Barisal Ghat and got down the boat, the Ghat on either side was full of people. Some of them were bathing. Boys were swimming some women were going home with jars filled with water. We saw the farmers working in the field. The scenery was very charming. Then the sun was setting. it seemed to be sinking into the water of the river. We enjoyed all these things. Thus our journey came to an end.
Conclusion: It was the most pleasant journey of my life. The journey gave me an opportunity to see the charming natural sights of rural village. I shall never forget it.

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