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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ESSAY: A Journey by Train


A Journey by Train

During the last summer holidays I had a pleasure trip. I took a pleasant journey by train. When and where from the journey began: It was summer vacation. My elder brother and I were to start for Fenchugonj form the Dhaka station at 8-30 a.m. accordingly. We went to the station fifteen minutes earlier. In the mean time the bell rang. With the whistle of the guard the train steamed off.

Journey scene of the way: It was a full moonlit night. I was peeping through the window of the train. The snow white beauty of the clam nature outside charmed my eyes. The train moved on between green fields. It was a mail train and did not stop at all the stations. Tongi, Bhairab, Akhaura, etc. were the stations where it stopped during the journey. Looking outside in the morning, I could realize a clear change. We were passing through hilly areas. As we were moving forward the hill o either side of the road seemed to be moving backward. The entire sight was soothing my eyes. My brother told me that we had passed kulaura Junction and within as hour we would reach Fenchuganj. We crossed to forget myself.
The end of the journey: I was made conscious by the jerk of the train and the cry of the coolies. The train had reached Fenchuganj and our journey ended.

Conclusion: Our journey to Fenchuganj was a new experience to me. I shall never forget this beautiful town surrounded by small rocks.

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