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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ESSAY: The Liberation War of Bangladesh


The Liberation War of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a proud nation as it emerged through a glorious freedom fight. Though we have got the freedom the spirit of the freedom fight is yet to be established.

Previous history of freedom fight: Bangladesh lost her independence to the British when Nawab Serajuddola was defeated in the battle of Palassey in 1757. In 1947, the British divided India into two sovereign states, India and Pakistan. Pakistan was created but the people of Bangladesh were in majority in Pakistan, They were deprived of all the powers Bangladesh was made o colony of West Pakistan. As a result the people of Bangladesh could not tolerate this and started a strong movement for their release.

Background of the Liberation War: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and some patriot of Bangladesh raised their voice of protest. In 1968, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and some other Bengalese were charged with a false case known as Agartola Conspiracy Case, but the people of Bangladesh started a strong movement against this case. Ayub Khan was compelled to release them. Then came Yahia Khan and he declared general election in 1970. The party of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman got absolute majority in the National assembly. But Yahia did not hand over the power and he stopped National Assembly. As a result, Sheikh Mujib started non-violent, non-co-operation movement. Yahia started a false dialogue with Sheikh Mujib and he began to increase the strength of army.
Freedom struggle of 1971: March 25 is a black day in the history of Bangladesh. On that night the army began to attack in the unarmed people of Bangladesh. Sheik Mujib was arrested and taken to West Pakistan. The independence of Bangladesh was declared. As the liberation war started, freedom fighters took birth overnight and faced the well-trained occupying forces to Pakistan fearlessly. At Mujib Nagar the government of the people republic of Bangladesh was formed on 17th April, 1971. But the Pakistan went on committing genocide to horror of the world. Women were raped and killed. The world press believed the atrocity of the of the occupying forces exceeded all limits. Millions of innocent Bengalese fled across the border in fear of their loves. So when their crimes were full, the Pakistanis came under direct attack of the combined forces of India and Bangladesh.

The 16th December: The final stage of the war took a couple of days only. On the glorious day of 16th December, the Pakistani army surrendered. Our victory day confirmed the birth of Bangladesh on the world map.

Conclusion: Though we achieved our independence through much bloodshed, we still are not emerging as a powerful nation. We seem to have forgotten the supreme sacrifice we made in 1971. So our main duty should be to build up the country.

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