ESSAY: The May Day - সেরা-সংগ্রহ.কম

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ESSAY: The May Day


The May Day

May Day is an international day. The first day of the month of May is called the May Day. This day is observed all over the world as a holiday. On this very day people commemorate the sacrifice made by some workers in the city of Chicago in 1886.

Background of the day: From time immemorial the capitalists engaged workers along with their wives and children in their factories and compelled them to work long hours. They were paid low wages and the workers could not manage the basic necessaries of life. Their condition was very miserable and pathetic. Not only that, the workers were oppressed and suppressed in many ways, So the workers started movements against the exploitation. First of fall the city of Chicago came onto action. They demanded some facilities and time limit of work. The capitalist government and its agents wanted to crush the movement. On the first day of May, 1886, they opened fire on the procession of the workers and killed some of them. Hundreds of the workers were injured by them. Some of the leaders were hanged. This was simply inhuman and brutal. The sad incident was taken seriously by the workers and the conscious people of the world. This day achieved many things for the workers, so this day is observed especially every year all over the world to get inspiration from the martyrs of 1886.

The object achieved: The supreme sacrifice made by the workers in Chicago opened a new chapter in the history of mankind. Before this incident the workers had to work for twelve of thirteen hours a day. Now their demand for eight hours work was accepted. They were also provided with some facilities of life.
Significance of the day: The day a protest against injustice, oppression and cruelty. This inspires the workers of all classes to remain united in their fight against any wrong.

Conclusion: Workers remember with deep gratitude the sacrifice made by the workers of Chicago in 1886 and demand an exploitation free society and economic justice. They also bring out processions and hold meetings on this very day. We want that the sincere sacrifice of the workers should be valued.

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