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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ESSAY: The Most Interesting Man I have Ever Met


The Most Interesting Man I have Ever Met

The most interesting man i have ever met In our social life we meet many people everyday. The people we meet are not equal in nature and manner. Everybody has his personality. This may be pleasing or my not be pleasing. We accept everything normally if there is not anything most abnormal. Sometimes we meet someone who has some special qualities which make us much interested in him. In the last winter vacation I met such a man at Dinajpur. His qualities have made me much interested in him.

Who he is: The most interesting man I meet in Dinajpur in Mr. Ahmed. He is a retired school teacher. He is an old widower. He is a member of the family of my friend Haque. He is the elder brother of Haque's father. There he is known as Uncle Ahmed. As a school teacher he came in contact with different classes of people and gathered wide experiences. Now he is about sixty-two years old. But he does not look so old. Infect, he always looks smart. He wears tight dress. Everybody respect and obeys him as he is the oldest man in the family. I meet this Uncle Ahmed when I went to my friend's house at Dinajpur to spend the last winter vacation.
Qualities: Uncle Ahmed is satisfied with a little o anything like food and cloth. But the members of the family cannot satisfy him because he is a very fastidious man. Whenever he meets a member of his family, he asks him/her why be/she has done this and why he/she has not done that. All the members of the family are afraid of his why questions. So, all the members of the family are try their best to avoid him. Uncle Ahmed cannot remain silent without asking questions. Whenever a school going boy of the family faces him, he asks him academic questions in various ways. Everybody becomes fed up with his questions. If anyone fails to answer any of his questions, he calls him worthless' or hopeless.' I was also afraid of him because he does not spare even a guest if he is a school student. Whenever he meets a visitor, he begins recounting his wide experiences. He does not try to understand that the visitor may be a very busy man. He often visits busy people to recount his experiences. He totally forgets that he told and retold them the same story several times. As a result nobody likes to listen to him. Uncle Ahmed is a lonely man.

Conclusion: I feel very sorry for Uncle Ahmed. In fact, he is a lonely man. His wide experiences have made him very lonely. He can overcome his loneliness if he tries to write a book reflecting his wide experiences. Time will come when his experiences will be highly valued to the society.

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