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ESSAY: My Pet Animal


My Pet Animal

There are many kinds of pet animals in the world. The dog and the cat are mostly known in our country. At every house of our country, these two animals are seen. Among the all kinds of pet animals, I like the cat most. I have a pet cat. She is pretty to look at. I called it pussy.

Description: Pussy has four feet, two ears, two eyes and a long tail. It has a round head. Its whole body is covered with soft fur. It looks like a small tiger.

My treatment with it: I like pussy and pussy is also fond of me. If I am late in returning home from school, she mews about and searches for me. As soon as I return home she comes to me running. I often take her on my lap. She then purrs and shows her joy. When I call it by its name, it moves round me and mews very sweetly. When I start for school, pussy follows me up to the gate to bid me fare well with a heavy heart.
Nature: By nature pussy is neat and clean; she does not go outside the house and soil her body. She likes comport and sleeps in my bed. If I get angry, she looks at me tenderly and mews lovingly. So I cannot drive her away.

Habit: My pet cat pussy is very gentle. She does not steal any food from our house. She is very fond of milk and dried fish. When we sit to eat, she mews around us. I give her food to eat. Every one of our house loves her and gives her food to eat. She likes to play with my younger brothers and sisters.

Usefulness: Pussy does many good to us. At night she moves about in our house and kills rats, mice and many harmful insects.

Conclusion: Pussy is my favourite pet. She is like a member of our family. We all take special care of her because we tame her for our good and pleasure. We look upon pussy as a friend of the family. So everyone of our family treat her with great care.