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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ESSAY: Paper



paper is the gift of human skill. Paper is a light thing on which we write. It is the driving force of the modern civilization. Without paper we cannot do even for a day. The word paper came from the word papyrus which was a leaf of a plant.

History: Perhaps, it was first made in china. Some claim that paper was first introduced in Egypt.

How made: It is made of rags, bamboos, straw, wood and other things. This are cleaned and cut into small pieces and kept under water to make tem soft. Then they are boiled with soda to remove dirt. It is called pulp. They pulp is spread over machine. Here it is dried and we get the paper.

Kinds: There are many kinds of papers. They differ in size, colour and quality. Some are red, some are white, some are coarse and some are fine. Coarse paper is cheap and fine paper is costly.
Mills: There are there paper mills in Bangladesh. One at Chandraghona, one at Paksey and the other in Khulna. Besides, there are lots of paper mills in the world at present. Paper is made in these mills.

Usefulness: paper is very useful to us. We cannot do without paper. Paper is used in writing, printing and decorating. It is largely used in offices, courts, schools and colleges. Books and news are printed in paper. Spread of education is not possible without paper. No record, no document could be made without paper.

Conclusion: paper is the most useful thing. It helps the spread of education and knowledge.

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