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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ESSAY: A Village Fair


A Village Fair

A village fair generally held once in a year in a village. It brings joy to the rural people. Fancy goods for show and sale are imported here. Events of many amusements are arranged for attractions.

Occasion and gathering: A village fair is held either at the end of Poush or at the end of Chaitra. It usually sits in an open field or a river bank or under a large banyan tree. It lasts for two to three days or even for a week. It is a great attraction for the children. People of all walks of life gather there to participate in the exhibition of goods of different kinds and tastes. These are brought here for Sale and show.

Attraction: There are many forms of amusement in a village fair, jatra and circus. Nagardola and puppet shoes are held there. Cinema parties show pictures to the people on a small camera. Circus and magic are the special attraction of the fair. Children blow whistles, fly balloons and buy fancy goods. They make sports in their joy and excitement. Gamblers assemble there to have a good chance.
Arrangement of shops: In a fair, temporary shops are arranged in rows on an open place, clothes, dolls, toys, utensils, ribbons, whistles, cheap sweets and many other fancy good are brought for sale by the small traders from far and near, local potters, carpenters, weavers, blacksmiths and artists present their hand made goods manifold colours for a good sale. Tea and sweets gave the greater sale.

Conclusion: A village fair brings charm to the village life. It encourages the rural arts crafts. To the children it is a great attraction.

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