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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ESSAY: The Water Lily


The Water Lily

Shapla is our national flower. This is familiar and dear to all. Without cultivation it is grown in water. In the stagnant water the shapla grows more.

Classes: shapla has a few tribes. Some are red and their stems are fresh and fat. These are grown in the ponds and tanks. There is another kind of shapla. Their stems are then. Their petals ate brown in colour. They are grown in the marsh, canals and in lakes. The Amazon Lily is the most beauteous. Without this, there is a blue lotus seen everywhere in our country. Their petals are white but outer side of the petals are yellow. This is our national shapla. Shapla has no scent but it has uncommon beauty.

When it grows: Generally shapla grows in the rainy season. In the dry season shapla dies and the root becomes dry in the ground. In the advent of rains, the shapla tree comes out from the root. The plant of shapla increases to the increase of water. To the top of the stem there grows a budding and the petals are included after rising up the buddings bloom in the breeze.

The beauty of shapla: the beauty of shapla is second to none. Shapla laughs on the water in moonlit night and charmed us extremely. On the marshy water Shapla’s beauty enchants all.
Usefulness: our boys and girls gather to pick up shapla. They pick up shapla and eat them with joy. The poor children collect shapla and they sell in the market. Without this, we can use the stem of shapla as curry.

Dignity as national flower: shapla is the symbol of simple natural mind of us. In every watery lands of Bangladesh it grows enough. There is no one that he has not seen shapla. There is no need to cultivate it. It grows automatically, so, shapla is our national flower.

Conclusion: shapla is very familiar and dear to all. We love this flower cordially.

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